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Welcome to Front Porch Beads, where every unique piece is handmade by volunteers on a porch on Amelia Island, Florida.

The proceeds from each purchase go to a local 501(C)(3) charity picked by the people who make the jewelry. 

For more information about the beading effort and our latest donations, go to OUR STORY and check out the NEWS page. And don't forget to check out the EVENTS page for details of upcoming beading sessions or kit availability.

Get a Mask Keeper!


With one of these, you’ll never wonder where your mask is! Just attach it to your mask and put it around your neck. (With the included loops, it can also be used as a “spec-keeper”. Or turn it around and wear it as a necklace!)


Buy one in our SHOP  or find out about helping us make them on the EVENTS page.

If you are a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, please use our CONTACT FORM to request a coupon to purchase your mask-keeper(s) at $3 plus postage.

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