Our Story

The Front Porch Beaders are a diverse group of women who live on or near Amelia Island, FL. We started getting together to make beaded jewelry on a front porch in 2018.


Our plan was to sell our jewelry and see if we could raise $1000 for a local charity. We chose Micah's Place, which helps survivors of domestic violence.

We all had so much fun working with beads, learning new skills, and making many new friends along the way, that we have been doing this ever since! (Click HERE to read an article by Dickie Anderson about the "Beader Leader" published in Amelia Islander magazine.)

Our Donations

Every time we raise another $1000 or more, we donate it to a local charity picked by the folks on the porch when it's time to make a decision.​


So far, we have donated to these organizations, but we always welcome suggestions for future donations. The parameters for picking a charity are:

  • 501c3 status

  • local

  • most of the donation goes to the cause

And most of all...we like to donate to charities where our small amount will make a difference. 

DOnation Table Dec 2021.png
Some of Our Latest Donations
FOAR FROM HOME and Front Porch Beads.jpg

Foar From Home - $1000

We joked that our donation (which put our logo on the boat!) meant that Front Porch Beads was going on a spectacular adventure without leaving Amelia Island! (And without having to take any COVID tests, either!)

Anyway, we were delighted to be able to contribute to their cause.


For more info and to follow their progress as they row across the Atlantic, check them out on Facebook HERE.

Pictured: Front Porch Beaders (from left, Lee, Fran, Anne, Sharon, Karen, and Nancy) together with Paul Lore and Bill Cimino at their send-off party at the Palace Saloon.

Ferstreaders - $1500

Approximately 61 percent of low-income families do not have a single piece of reading material suitable for a child.


This wonderful program brings a book to a child every month in the mail until their 5th birthday...changing children's lives through the gift of literacy. 


For more about this organization, click HERE.

Pictured: Front Porch Beaders (from left, Debbie, Fran, Nancy, Lee, and Linda, together with Ann Kizer of Ferstreaders and her son, who participates in the Ferstreaders program. 


Coalition For The Homeless - $1000

The Coalition brings together local agencies, organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to working to prevent homelessness and improve conditions for those experiencing homelessness.


For more about this organization, click HERE.

Pictured: Front Porch Beaders (from left, Lee, Fran, Karen, and Linda) together with Carlene McDuffie, President of Coalition for the Homeless, Nassau (in front).

Habitat for Humanity - $2,500

We all know what this organization does, so we won't go into detail.

However, it is worth mentioning that one of our volunteers suggested it because--once pandemic food insecurity started to diminish--the lack of low-cost housing on the island resurfaced as a major issue again.

For more about this organization, click HERE.

donation to hfh edited.jpg

Pictured: Front Porch Beaders (from left, Lucy and Fran) together with Karen Guest of Habitat for Humanity.

One of our favorite donations 

Bracelet Donations Dec 2021.JPG

Mask-Keeper with mask and bracelets

Coordinated pairs of bracelets together with a mask-keeper and attached mask were assembled in cute little holiday bags (see picture) and distributed as follows:

  • Micah's Place (30)

  • Abused center near Barnabus (10)

  • Ladies in Henry Green's group (11)

  • Drug rehab center in Yulee (6)

$3000 for Meals On Wheels, split between people and pets

(It was our favorite because we got to enjoy all the dogs that came along for the photo too!)

We decided to split the donation after hearing from the volunteers at Gracie's Kitchen that hungry people--if they don't have any pet food--will share a much-needed dinner with their furry friends.


So it just made sense to offer our donation to both charities!


Pictured:, Front Porch Beaders together with volunteers from Meals On Wheels For Pets plus, left to right, Buster (Westie), Gracie (Cairn Terrier), Lucy (Beagle), and Luna (Pyrenean Mountain Dog mix).