Our Story

The Front Porch Beaders are a diverse group of women who live on or near Amelia Island, FL. We started getting together to make beaded jewelry on a front porch in 2018.


Our plan was to sell our jewelry and see if we could raise $1000 for a local charity. We chose Micah's Place, which helps survivors of domestic violence.

We all had so much fun working with beads, learning new skills, and making many new friends along the way, that we have been doing this ever since! (CLICK HERE to read an article by Dickie Anderson about the "Beader Leader" published in Amelia Islander magazine.)

Our Donations

Every time we raise another $1000, we donate it to a local charity picked by the folks on the porch when it's time to make a decision.​ So far, we have donated to these organizations, but we always welcome suggestions for future donations, provided the organization is local and has 501c3 status. Then we vote on it!

Donations FPB cropped.png

Our Latest Donation - $3000 for Meals On Wheels, both people and pets!

During the pandemic, with the tremendous food insecurity it has caused, we have been focusing on dinner providers and food banks. 

Our most recent donation was for $3000 to Meals On Wheels and Meals On Wheels For Pets, two organizations that work together to take meals to hungry seniors in the area and their pets.


Pictured above, Front Porch Beaders together with volunteers from Meals On Wheels For Pets plus, left to right, Buster (Westie), Gracie (Cairn Terrier), Lucy (Beagle), and Luna (Pyrenean Mountain Dog mix).

We decided to split the donation between the two after hearing from the volunteers at Gracie's Kitchen that hungry people--if they don't have any pet food--will share a much-needed dinner with their furry friends. So it just made sense to offer our donation to both charities!


For information about our earlier donations and to read the article published in the Fernandina Observer on this donation, please check out our NEWS page.