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Gracie's Kitchen Again

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

It was inevitable that we voted to donate to Gracie's Kitchen this time of food insecurity, they are making 2500 takeout dinners a month for hungry people and that's something we all support whole-heartedly!

Pictured above, Front Porch Beaders Linda Busler, Frances Peters, and Karen Thompson present Maryellen Crocker, Co-Founder/Director of Gracie's Kitchen, with a check for $2000.

In addition to the dinner effort, Gracie's Kitchen is partnering with Journey Church to deliver grocery bags to locations where they know they are needed. Above, Maryellen and volunteers are filling grocery bags and we caught a picture of Jim from Journey next to his delivery truck.

Gracie's Kitchen volunteers (left to right) Maryellen Crocker, Tonya Thrift, and Sandra Autore, and Jim from Journey (seated at the back) are pictured here with the Front Porch Beads check.

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