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Gracie's Kitchen - wow!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Gracie’s Kitchen is an amazing organization!

Located in what used to be Yulee Middle School, the premises have been adapted to kitchen space and storerooms, filled with appliances, refrigerators, and provisions. Gracie’s Kitchen is open for dinner four days a week. A different volunteer group comes in each day to do the cooking, preparing about 300 meals.

Pictured here, Maryellen (L) and Sharon (R) in the kitchen


Donated tomatoes Menu for the last dining room meal


Before the pandemic, up to 35 people would come to eat in the colorful, cheery dining room and more would sit at the trestle tables outside. The remaining food was served in boxes for the stream of hungry people waiting to take their dinners home.

And the meals often included some pet food, which the volunteers at Gracie's Kitchen started to provide when they realized people were saving part of their own meals for their pets!

Here's Lee next to the pet food supplies.


Front Porch Beaders Sharon Mooney-Hughes, Frances Peters, and Lee Schilling (who also volunteers at Gracie’s Kitchen) presented Maryellen Crocker, Co-Founder/Director, with a donation of $500 on June 2.

Maryellen, who is a friendly, energetic whirlwind on a 10-year mission to feed the needy of Yulee, was delighted because—at government prices—this check will buy meat for the next three months!

Gracie’s Kitchen has charitable status through its affiliation with The Coalition for the Homeless of Nassau County. For more info, or to donate or volunteer, see their website:

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