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2021 Summary

What an amazing year!

Thanks to the amazing afforts of all of our volunteers, we raised just over $13000 (after deducting sales tax and WiX and Square processing fees). And as you know, ALL of that net figure is available for donation, as our beads and materials are sourced independently.

Most of the 2021 figure was raised in the last quarter at the numerous holiday fairs and events where we pitched our stall. Here's the breakdown for those events:

Fernandina Beach Golf Club (Oct) - $1302 St Michaels (Nov) - $1163 Mocama Makers Market (Nov) - $643 Women's Club Holiday Lunch (Dec) - $380 Atlantic Rec Center Holiday Fair (Dec) - $1465 Porch Sale and others (Dec) - $1085 Direct sales by Sharon Mooney-Hughes (Dec) - $340 (Thanks, Sharon!!!) During the same period, we donated the following: Habitat for Humanity - $2500 FOAR FROM HOME - $1000 Micah's Place - $1500 Gracie's Kitchen - $1000 Coalition for the Homeless - $1000 Ferstreaders (Nassau) - $1500 If you have any suggestions for our next charities, please contact us using the contact form on this website. The parameters are:

  • Must be a 501c3

  • Must be local (Nassau or close)

  • Must have a high pass-through rate (at least 85% goes directly to the cause)

  • Must appreciate our little donations

If you know of a cause that meets these criteria, please click HERE and give us their contact info so that we can reach out to them. Last but not least, we donated some of our inventory as holiday gifts to various local organizations. Here are some of the donations, bagged up as coordinated pairs of bracelets together with a mask-keeper (and a mask already attached) in cute little holiday bags. (Big thanks to Lucy Bryan, who contributed her time, festive wrapping, and ribbon to the cause!)

The gifts were distributed as follows:

  • Micah's Place (30)

  • Abused center near Barnabus (10)

  • Ladies in Henry Green's group (11)

  • Drug rehab center in Yulee (6)

If you have any additional suggestions for 2022, whether through the year or for the holidays, please let us know, A huge thankyou goes to everyone who supports Front Porch Beads by contributing time and effort, donating beads, and of course buying our jewelry! Looking forward to seeing what we can do in 2022!

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