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Ever wondered...?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

How we manage to have so much inventory?

Well, all of our wonderful beaders-at-home have kept our mask-keepers going. Thanks to all of you!

But there's another reason...

Pictured here is a beading group, led by Sonya Shortkroff, which meets at her house every week to work on beading projects. They started with mask-keeper kits first, but then they moved on to stretchy bracelets (see the picture below). Now they are delivering some gorgeous pendants! The latest batch hasn't been finished yet, but I'll post some pics as soon as they are.

Meanwhile, big thanks go to (from left to right), Sonya, Lena Hoenig, Kathleen Fiore, Sutzy Shirley, Linda Reynolds, and end Judy D'Eredita. (Sonya's sister, Gail Sullivan, was also there, but she isn't in the picture because she took the photo!)

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