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Mask-keepers go to a good home!

From Nancy Hemperly, pictured left below:

My friend and I were over at Quality this morning dropping off items for Christmas for the residents and staff.

This is special to me as my Mom was there and various groups came to her room and sang Christmas Carols and gave her a gift bag. My Mom’s face lit up with such joy!

When the third group arrived with a song and a gift bag she looked at me and said, "I have nothing to give them."

I told Mom not to worry--I will take care of them. She suddenly passed away the next evening on 12/25/2018.

I have kept my promise to my Mom ever since then. What made this trip special is the young lady in the picture was one of the sweet ladies that took care of my Mom! She loved the mask keepers, so thank you Front Porch Beads!

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